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House Cleaning Services Columbus OH
By: The Maids of Columbus OH

How to Make Sure You Choose the RIGHT Cleaning Service!

The cleaning industry is one of the easiest to get into; as a result it is also a very competitive field. So, in all this competition how do you, the consumer, make that all important decision of choosing the right one? Unfortunately trial and error is not an option here, having strangers in one’s home is unsettling enough, having strangers going through every room and handling your belongings in your home, can be nerve racking. In short choosing the wrong company can be the start of a really bad experience.

A great maid service should have certain characteristics, or identifiers you can look out for. Other signs will be a bit more subtle or might require a little probing on your part.

4. Convenience (Yours, not theirs)

Take a look at their website; I personally believe that a website reflects a great deal of its owner’s personality. If the website has lots of distractions, gimmicks or unnecessary content then you’re wasting your time. What you’re buying from a cleaning service, whether you know it or not, is time, time to do something more important or more enjoyable than cleaning. When choosing a maid service never allow them to convince you in changing the time or date that you had in mind. The flexibility should be on their end.

3. Pricing (You get what you pay for…hopefully)

Pricing matters right? In this tough economic climate consumers are looking more closely at their bottom line. In the cleaning industry however it is not always ‘the cheaper the better’.Cleaning services in a particular area all set their prices at a competitive rate, so if you happen to stumble across some incredible deal, well, don’t believe it. This may mean that the company’s overhead costs may be way low and that should definitely raise a red flag. It could also mean low paid employees who may be looking to supplement their income (scary I know) or that all the necessary legalities are missing.

2. Reputation (.and the probing starts)

Reputation is one of the more important factors, having a very long history in the cleaning business does not necessarily guarantee a good reputation. Doing your own little investigation would be time well spent, find out if any friends or neighbors have input on your particular cleaning service. Search online for customer reviews (bad ones) remember, business owners have friends and neighbors too, so you should never put too much faith in those excellent customer reviews you most likely will come across. Stick to well known online directories like Angie’s List or Service Magic, but always pay attention to that little gut feeling you may get during that first phone call.

1. Trust (OK, now you may go through my personal belongings)

I think of trust like a building under construction, except all the building materials in this case are time. It comes together slowly but in the end if it was done right and is maintained properly it will be strong and last forever, and could be something beautiful. Any cleaning service you choose should steadily gain your trust up until the point where you feel comfortable enough to leave the cleaners alone in your home, if you so decide.

As I mentioned before, you’re buying time, so it won’t do you much good to spend that time you just bought hovering over people cleaning your house. Make it a point to ask the company you decide to go with whether or not they would be able to send the same person to your house. Find out if that cleaning service has liability insurance and then ask for proof of that insurance. It’s also a good idea to find out if the company is bonded. Those are very important steps to take in making sure you and your property are protected from mishaps or theft when work is being done in your home.

When it’s all said and done choosing the right cleaning service is no exact science, even following these guidelines doesn’t guarantee you finding that perfect company. I do believe however that these tips will greatly reduce your chances of being disappointed or taken advantage of. Trust me; I’m the owner of a cleaning service myself.

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