Turnify CEO – The closest thing to your AirBnB CLEANING ITSELF!

AirBnB Cleanings are the most important factor for guests and one of the most challenging for the hosts. Finding ways to make housekeeping easier is a huge help for hosts.

Our guest for today’s show is Chris Carlone. He decided to realize his dreams by leaving his full-time job in 2016 in exchange for the opportunity to have his own short-term rentals business. He is now the CEO at Turnify, located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Turnify (formerly TidyHost) is the most user-friendly housekeeping automation app for short-term rental hosts and property managers, the closest app to Airbnb cleaning.

In this episode, Chris will focus on sharing about the Turnify platform. He will also share the services it offers to make short-term rental hosts’ lives easier in terms of housekeeping. He will also highlight what makes Turnify unique from other platforms and share some tips on handling housekeeping for short-term rentals.

Get good information from Chris as he pours out his mind on the topic.

Key Takeaways
[02:07] What Chris does before Turnify and how he got into short term rentals
[04:11] His decision to leave corporate life and starting his first version of Turnify
[06:21] His short term rental experience and how he got the idea for the app
[11:20] How the Turnify app works and the services it provides
[14:22] The Quality Control process at Turnify
[18:48] On the availability of cleaners for smaller markets
[21:04] On handling inventory control aside from cleaning at Turnify
[23:18] On restocking amenities
[24:10] What makes Turnify unique from other platforms
[29:35] On Turnify pricing
[31:19] The two components of Turnify
[33:01] How the payment processing work
[35:45] His view on commercialization and thriving of short term rentals
[41:47] His thought about the competitive landscape of short term rentals
[43:49] Best way for people to get information or start with Turnify

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