This is How Millennials Build a 7-Figure Empire with Airbnb Kings Malcolm Nguyen and Quinton Lee

High Income Earners FIRE Podcast Episode 45

With the right mentor and persistence to learn, age is just a number when it comes to success, and we invited Malcolm Nguyen and Quinton Lee to feature their achievements as young entrepreneurs. Listen to their story of discovering Airbnb arbitrage, their unique strategy to earn massively without buying a property, and how you could live the same lifestyle.

Key takeaways to listen for
• Common reasons why investment deals fail
• Airbnb’s payment method: How it works and ways to take advantage of it in your arbitrage deals
• A motivational story about being persistent when acquiring deals
• How to pitch a win-win solution when you’re marketing arbitrage deals
• Tips on how to make money from a 3-bedroom unit
• The freedom and the lifestyle change that comes with success

Resources mentioned in this episode
• Airbnb

About Malcolm Nguyen and Quinton Lee
Malcolm Nguyen, Founder of Vacarya, invigorated the real estate industry with his vision and grit in 2017. While still in his teens, he managed to amass a multimillion-dollar business.

Quinton Lee, is the Chief Marketing Officer and co-Founder of Vacarya. In 2018, he had just graduated high-school, moving forward into College. He realized he did not want to go to school. He wanted to bring his parents home and give them the freedom they never had. Ever since 2018, Quinton has been pushing the limits and challenging himself to grow by helping others in as many ways as possible.

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