THIS Cleaning Contract Will CHANGE Our Business FOREVER! | We Are JCD #026

You read that right! This contract could truly change the future of our business…
We’ve left a few hints here and there but we must keep our lips sealed for now. If you think you know who our newest client is then leave a comment down below! Special prize for anyone who gets it.
This week Chris is also bursting at the seams with networking! From an evening in London to the Greenest Grass in Surrey spending time with some great people.
You guys are going to love this episode!
We’ll catch you next week from somewhere a little more exotic…
Team JCD

In this video;
00:00 – Intro
00:21 – Monday
07:54 – Tuesday
12:43 – Wednesday
21:19 – Thursday
30:01 – Friday
33:42 – Outro

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THIS Contract Will CHANGE Our Business FOREVER! | We Are JCD #026

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