THE SIMPLE MAN PODCAST EP.14 NickyRod was ROBBED, Pre match rituals, Gordon Ryan AND MORE

Nicky Rod, widely known as the Black Belt Slayer, hail’s from New Jersey, the land of pizza & biceps. He is a two time ADCC silver medalist, an EBI absolute world champion, as well as the world’s most beautiful grappler.

Ethan Crelinsten, clearly the most intelligent and most good looking of the the three Simple Men, is a two time ADCC trials winner, as well as placing 1st in thousands of other tournaments. His grappling prowess goes far beyond what Nicky rod and Damien hope to acquire. As you listen to the podcast, pay most attention to Ethan as he will most likely be saying the coolest shit.

Damien Anderson is an ADCC Trials Bronze Medalist with multiple wins over multiple black belt world champions. Currently ranked 8th in the world at 145lbs and 9th at 155lbs. Also has ownership rights of Ethan Crelinsten

Nicky Rod, Damien Anderson & Ethan Crelinsten are based in Austin, Texas and roll daily at B-Team Jiu Jitsu.

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0:00 Intro (All the boys are back together! And NickyRod being robbed at WNO)
3:29 Sponsors
7:14 NickyRod vs Felipe Pena at WNO
11:47 Gordon Ryan’s Rampage
15:29 Tommy Fury’s Win over Jake Paul
17:05 Barstool and Local Pizza
18:24 Why NickyRod lives far away from everything
18:58 To pick up dog shit or to not? And shitting in the river?
23:14 How long do the simple men spend on the toilet ?
25:30 Ethan getting sick from weight cutting
25:57 NickyRod vomits his guts out
28:28 Ethan eats like a big guy
30:16 The simple man podcast is Broscience
30:54 The simple man podcast is the best jiu-jitsu podcast in the world!
32:28 The simple men are hungry
34:00 Dry mango time!
34:12 One chip challenge in the next episode
34:46 Gordon Ryan is a boomer
36:44 Do the simple men listen to music in the car?
37:20 Carpooling
39:03 Puerto Rico
40:02 The simple men on Fishing
42:50 The simple men’s full names
44:37 Fluride, Tap water, and salt
46:45 Francisco Lo coimng to train at B Team
47:17 How much do the simple men weigh?
47:41 Should you compete?
49:41 How many matches have the simple men had?
52:37 Pre match rituals
57:56 Jon Jones being Jon Jones
1:00:38 NickyRod is NOT a cheater
1:02:55 Gordon Ryan having to shut his phone off
1:03:36 Outro

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