Starting a Commercial Cleaning Company featuring Jessie Carson

In today’s episode Mike coaches Jessie Carson of Spring to it Cleaning in Alberta, Canada on how to transition from a mainly residential cleaning service to commercial cleaning.

Define what “ limited” budget means. Instead of a flat amount decide on a percentage to devote to marketing.

BONUS TIP: If you have no money, then you shouldn’t start a business.

Mike starts with the basics. Be very specific about what you are willing to contribute, time and money to marketing and growing your business.

Decide what you are going to spend per month and come hell or high water you will spend that money on marketing your business every month.

With transitioning from residential to commercial when you make the decision to pick your niche, that you aren’t picking it based on what is comfortable and easily doable.

Pick a niche that is going to serve your goals.

If you are in a recession, commercial is the way to go.
When money is tight, for residential clients, cleaning services are the first to go. With businesses, cleaning is a non-negotiable.

When going from residential to commercial there’s a lot of confusion about “do I fire all my residential clients? What do I do?

0 of your time or resources is going to go to residential. But if it falls into your lap, you take the job.

You aren’t going to fire any of your residential clients, you are just going to run it as it is, but no longer actively go after those accounts and tighten up your standards on who you are going to accept as a client.

Raise your prices and be selective about who you take on the residential side.

The more you move into commercial and less you want/need residential you will see you can be more selective about the accounts you take and oftentimes the less you want those accounts the more they want you!

Start with a niche. Find out who and what business is going to fit your needs.

What would you like to make a year, how many customers at what monthly income that would require and how you can attract and serve those kinds of businesses.

Second, go start interviewing your niche. Ask them what is important to you, what do you need to hire them? Is it compliance? Work? Certifications? Etc…

If you walk in and ask who is in charge and tell them you aren’t selling anything, but you just want to know exactly what they want and are looking for.

Then you can tailor your services to that specific niche. Knowing their specific needs, wants and verbiage.

Try to have 10 conversations with people in charge.

Great question – should I call and make an appointment before hand or just go in? Always make an appointment. If you just walk in, make sure they aren’t busy and bring a gift but always try to make an appointment. Have questions written out already.

Ask questions, and listen.

Depending on the niche you pick, ask who else they would recommend to spend 10 minutes with you and share their experience.
The next step is to offer a one time service like floors or windows as a goodwill offer. Even if you don’t do floors you can partner with a local floor guy and say if he services those accounts at cost or free you can include their service in your bid.

Strategic alliances. Find people who sell to your audience and work with them. Ask who is their most important/influential vendor. Contact that vendor and ask them who their list is and offer some free service to their customers and visa versa.

Lightning Round

If your dream doesn’t stir you it isn’t big enough

Not scheduling big jobs correctly and not getting things done on time

Get enough sleep, eat nitrucially, exercise, pray and journal.

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