Starting a $120K/Month Cleaning Business From Scratch

If you’ve wondered what it takes to start a cleaning business, you’ll get a lot of insights from watching this video!

Learn step-by-step how to start your own cleaning business with Chris:

How much can you make with a house cleaning business? Queen Bee Cleaning Service is poised to bring in $1.5 million in revenue in 2021—a big jump from the $5,000 the cleaning company started with in 2015. If you’re curious what they did to grow so quickly, you’ll want to watch this interview.

Cristobal Mondragon wasn’t sure about starting a cleaning business when his wife posed the idea. Three months after Queen Bee Cleaning Service opened, she was bringing home a bigger paycheck than him—and Cristobal quit his job and went all-in on their cleaning service business. We’ll hear their strategy for growing revenue quickly, and how they maximized a small start-up budget to get them off to a running start.

Not knowing how to start a cleaning business before you jump in can lead to costly mistakes. We’ll find out what missteps Queen Bee’s owners made early on, what problems those caused, and how they recovered. They’ll also share what systems and processes a cleaning business start up needs to hire staff and build a team that provides a consistently exceptional customer experience.

A cleaning business can’t succeed without customers. We’ll learn Queen Bee’s tips and strategies for marketing their business, and what Cristobal learned from his previous career in online marketing that helped his cleaning company build their customer base.

Watch a 2nd interview we’ve done with Chris:

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Learn step-by-step how to start your own cleaning business with Chris:
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0:00 Intro
1:55 Meeting Chris
3:11 Initial Budget
4:12 How Customers Find Chris’ Business
5:11 Heading to the Storage Area
7:04 What Sets Chris Apart From Competitors
8:05 Monthly Overhead
9:46 Heading to the AirBnB House
11:18 Top Resources for Small Businesses
12:02 Services Chris Offers
12:58 Advice for People Getting Into The Cleaning Business
14:07 Is the Cleaning Business Seasonal?
15:09 Craigslist Tips
15:47 Managing Customers Tips
17:14 How To Know How Much To Charge
18:17 The Importance of Reviews
19:45 AirBnB cleaning vs. Office cleaning
21:19 Employees
22:30 Blitz
24:25 Skills That Will Help You in the Cleaning Business
25:48 Business Preferences
26:39 Pros and Cons of Running a Business From Home
28:00 Average Day in Chris’ Life
28:51 AirBnB Income Transparency
32:01 Invited to the Maid Service Summit

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