SIX MONTHS on Airbnb: What We Learned + How Much We Made

Here are the things that we learned while hosting during our FIRST SIX MONTHS on Airbnb and how much we’ve made from our Short Term Rental.

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We are taking a break from our regular life as Airbnb hosts / DIY fixer-upper content to compile a list of what we learned during our first six months in the short-term rental business and our profits.

From dealing with bad guest reviews to deep cleaning and sustainability… we’re covering it all.

**PLEASE NOTE: The months we cover during our six months of hosting on Airbnb update fell BEFORE the new Airbnb website rolled out (December 2021 – May 2022). AKA: We DID NOT cover how that has impacted us in the months following.**

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0:00 – Intro
0:43 – Deep Cleaning Your Airbnb Is Necessary
1:24 – Cleaners Are the Most Important Part Of Your Airbnb
3:26 – Real Plants In An Airbnb Are Hard to Maintain
4:36 – What to Do When Reviewing Bad Airbnb Guests
5:57 – How to Handle Airbnb ESA Pet Policy
7:46 – Keep Your Airbnb as Easy and Sustainable as Possible for Both Guest and Host
9:06 – Is Pricelabs Better Than Smart Pricing?
10:17 – Do Guests Pay Airbnb Service Fees?
11:24 – Reinvesting Your Profit From Airbnb
12:17 – Get Your Airbnb Up and Running FAST: Revenue Over Ready
13:02 – How Much We Made During Our First Six Months on Airbnb
15:50 – Outro

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Hi! We’re Kristen and Michael, a couple DIY renovating their dream desert home into a short-term rental business. In December 2020 we made the difficult decision to leave Los Angeles (our home of 7 years) to pursue our dream of owning land in California and creating a sanctuary to share with family, friends, and others around the world! We purchased our house in the high desert during the summer of 2021 and have since DIY-renovated the entire thing and created our business from the ground up.

Follow along as we continue vlogging our journey of hosting our short-term rental & upgrading our DIYs on the home little by little.

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