Sample Business Plan for Janitorial Services & Commercial Cleaning Businesses (master template)

Welcome to our comprehensive 25 page tutorial, Sample Business Plan for Janitorial Services & Commercial Cleaning Businesses (including template). #businessplan #commercialcleaning #janitorialservice #samplebusinessplan

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Commercial Cleaning Business Plan

1.Business Description – Next Door commercial cleaning service located in Toledo Ohio and was incorporated as an S Corp July 2020. We are currently in the start up stage with August 1st 2020 as our first day of business.

2. Services- Next Door will provide daily cleaning services to local businesses including an emphasis on specialty cleaning services such as : Carpet cleaning, hard tile cleaning, VCT waxing, furniture and general disinfecting

3. Marketing- The company is going to use Account Based Marketing, what this means is weighting our budget to best payoffs. The strategy is to shift our resources to the biggest payoff and not market to every business equally.

4. Management- As we grow especially in commercial services where its common for businesses to have 10, 20 and even hundreds of employees.

5. Operations- Commercial cleaning employee manual or handbook, this can be used for janitorial, carpet cleaning and commercial cleaning services.

6. Financial- The financial part is the final part of the business plan and here we will use charts, graphs and spreadsheets mainly to map out a long term successful future.

20% of Commercial Cleaning Accounts= 80% of the profits
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