POLY POVERTY AND LIES Of PolyTok Couple Sean T Adams Shanice Olivia

30 year old Sean T Adams is a Tik Toker who went viral due to his poly relationship with 20 year old Olivia Appleberry and 29 year old Shanice G.

In this video we analyze the lies and contradictions told by Sean and signs women should be aware of to prevent these dysfunctional relationships.

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Video Clips Credit:

00:00:00 The modern promotion of poly to BW
00:00:39 Poly For Wealthy Men/Failure Rate
00:01:26 Sean Olivia Shanice “San Diego Royalty”
00:01:36 Backstory on 20 yr old Olivia Appleberry
00:04:26 Backstory on 29 yr old Shanice
00:05:29 Backstory on Sean
00:06:04 Sean’s Teenage/High School Experience
00:08:43 Sean Living in San Diego with Olivia and Shanice
00:09:10 Sean Olivia and Shanice explain their Poly Relationship/Occupation/Age
00:10:30 Shanice Explains how she and Sean met in the club
00:11:11 Jealousy/They cannot bring other men into the relationship
00:13:57 Sean Robbed and his Dependency on Women to Provide
00:16:03 Shanice’s family reaction to Poly
00:17:33 Sean and Shanice meets Olivia’s mom
00:18:09 Olivia’s mom doesn’t approve of their relationship
00:19:09 Sean’s Failed Monogamy/ Thoughts on Monogamy
00:22:37 Shanice’s reaction to Sean introducing poly
00:23:24 Sean generational wealth building via poly

00:28:21 Sean/Shanice/Olivia describe poor upbringing
00:29:24 Sean’s praises Olivia being biracial again
00:30:21 Olivia’s thoughts on Monogamy failing
00:31:42 Sean explains he was dating Shanice before Olivia
00:32:12 Shanice’s reaction to Sean wanting open relationship
00:33:37 Sean generational wealth babble again
00:36:03 Olivia had a monogamous relationship when she originally met Sean. Sean’s ponakery babble.
00:38:23 Olivia answers if she ever gets jealous
00:38:46 Shanice reveals initial anger when learning Sean was dating Olivia while she was deployed
00:40:16 Their plans to have kids/Sean’s thoughts on childfree ppl
00:41:39 Big Ty to Poly clowns for bringing awareness to the toxicity
00:41:59 I’ve been aware of the mayhem since 10/29/22
00:42:12 Sean’s false lifestyle
00:43:16 Sean’s mentor Grant Cardone sketchy business practices
00:43:51 Sean’s apartment inconsistencies
00:44:49 10/22/22 Live Olivia’s obedience “yes my king”
00:45:58 Olivia co-signing Sean
00:47:37 Sean boasts about spending 700k on coaching/Exotifying Olivia again
00:48:28 Sean admitting to struggling to pay rent
00:49:19 Olivia answering questions about the rent they said was 18k at the time.
00:50:44 Olivia shoe petition/Olivia and Shanice are not given an allowance
00:51:19 Shanice muling herself out via cooking, cleaning, laundry, and using her car
00:53:27 They’re not given an allowance
00:57:43 Sean won’t be putting their names on the deed
00:58:26 Sean’s financial insecurities w/ divorce
00:58:59 Shanice says divorcing a man and receiving alimony is vengeance
01:02:25 They share a bank account
01:02:42 Sean says he pays the rent but is dodgy about paying the other bills
01:03:18 Sean admits he has no car
Olivia says Shanice/Sean were disappointed w/her
Shanice addresses Public’s concern with Olivia
Shanice says Olivia almost caught their apt on fire
Sean pits Olivia against Shanice.
Olivia says she wants Shanice to be closer to her
Shanice should have left the relationship
Sean neggs Olivia
Sean compares Shanice to Olivia again
Sean annoyed w/Olivia’s asset desire response to marriage inquiry
Sean got upset with Olivia for not asking him to use the bathroom
Callers reaction to Sean being upset w/Olivia using the bathroom w/out asking
Sean smelling Olivia’s private area TR
Sean mad at Shanice for speaking about her ex
Sean asks if Shanice wants to see him in cuffs.
Shanice and Sean come back on camera w/ Sean looking visibly upset
Caller asks about Shanice not being allowed to date other women
Caller eats up Sean and Shanice gets mad and hangs up on her.
Poly clowns says she spoke to Sean’s ex who made DV allegations
Caller Continues to eat Sean up
1:47:23 Sean annoyed w/business inquiry
1:48:06 Caller asks Shanice about a knot
1:48:36 Caller asks Why Would he glorify “fake dv”
Sean gets aggressive w/20 yo college student
Caller asks why Shanice/Olivia are w/him
Caller asks why Shanice/Olivia Call him King

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