Office cleaning / Commercial cleaning training video

Commercial cleaning video with full instruction how to clean office space from kitchen, bathroom to office desks and floors.

Its important to follow step by step procedure with attention on details and final outcome.

The video is covered following aspects of commercial or office cleaning:
– commercial kitchen cleaning – sink, bench top, microwave, cupboards outside, floor vacuuming and mopping;
– bathroom cleaning – sink, mirror, toilet and floor cleaning by vacuum cleaner and mop;
– rubbish removal from all office bins – make sure you proper recycle each bin in correct recycling bin;
– office desk area cleaning – monitor cleaning, phone disinfecting, desk wiping and cleaning , dust control cleaning and vacuuming;
– vacuuming and mopping the floors – proper vacuum the floors in each corner as well as mop hard surface floor with hot water and correct detergent;
– and much more useful information about professional office cleaning!

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