Learn To Wash Windows With The “S” Technique

The classic window cleaning skill, the S Technique. Learn to wash windows in a fluid motion never taking that squeegee off the glass. Wash those windows like a professional!

This video is meant to help the experienced or aspiring window cleaner to learn to wash windows in a more efficient manner leaving the windows spot free and getting more glass cleaned in a shorter amount of time.

This video will be extra helpful to those looking to start their own window cleaning business check out the playlist and my blog at www.windowcleaningventure.com to learn other helpful tips for washing windows.

If you have questions or are interested in a partnership and direct coaching from someone with years of experience in window cleaning shoot me an email at windowcleaningventure@gmail.com.

Zack’s favorite starter kit:

Zack’s favorite squeegee and replacement rubbers:


Zack’s favorite scrubber/applicator

Zack’s favorite holster


Zack’s favorite bucket

Zack’s favorite Scrapers:
Small scraper
Ext small blades
Large scraper
Ext. lrg. blades

Zack’s favorite extension poles

Zack’s favorite hard water remover

Zack’s favorite water fed pole system

Zack’s favorite favorite towles

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