Janitorial Hiring featuring Cathy Patterson from Allied Cleaning Services

Today we discuss janitorial hiring on the Grow My Cleaning Company Podcast with Cathy Patterson from Allied Cleaning Service. After we get to know Cathy a little, we talk about janitorial hiring, firing and everything in between.

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Have you ever dealt with the last minute no show, or even worse, the dreaded “no call, no show” cleaning employee? Of course you have- well today is your lucky day as we dive in and talk about how to deal with that exact problem. Listen in and discover:

Why you have to set the stage from the start
Why trying to deal with the problem when they call in is already way too late
How advertising affects no show rate
Why your Core Values have EVERYTHING to do with employees showing up
The difference between trying to change your employees and building on what they already have
How just giving employees money ISN’T enough anymore
Why consistency is key
Just how important/ difficult employee hiring and turnover is in the cleaning industry

We talk about communicating a zero tolerance policy on no call, no show right from the beginning- advertising for help all the way through terminating an employee. We also go over how handling a single no call no show wrong can pollute your entire team.

BONUS: Interviewing employees is a PROCESS, not an event

It can be tempting to look the other way or “deal with it later” when an employee misses a shift, but that screams chaos and lack of leadership to the entire team and bad habits spread like a cancer. Handle this wrong and you will soon find the inmates running the asylum!

SUM IT UP: You must have a ZERO tolerance policy- No call, no show- NO JOB!!

Before the party ends, Mike shares in hundreds of employees over a couple of decades, he has NEVER fired someone and thought “I should have waited” and in almost every case he immediately knew he should have done it sooner. Hire SLOW and fire QUICKLY. You can’t wait when it comes to firing problem employees. The time between when you know in your head and heart they have to go and when you actually part ways is some of the most expensive time you will have in your cleaning company.

Cathy shares some of her experience in the Lightening Round

Never cheat, never take shortcuts and always deliver on time
Never hire employees without a background check
Stay on top of things, check on your people, make sure your work is complete
Go above and beyond always

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