IN A MATTER OF WEEKS! Social Security on the Brink of Collapse

Things are getting so bad, they’ve got retirees coming back to work. I mean, shouldn’t retirees and our social security fam just be enjoying their retirement instead of having to be forced back to work. I personally am not on social security yet but I do acknowledge the fact that these are not hand-outs. They’re payments going out to hardworking Americans who have given their lives and worked so hard to pay into this corrupt system. I mean, I don’t even think social security benefits are giving recipients their due. They should definitely raise social security benefits to something people can live off of on their own, you know? Most Americans don’t even think they’ll be able to save enough for retirement. That’s why we’re taking a look at this right now, starting with a half-dozen social security changes that took effect this year that we should all really be aware of. After that, since the government isn’t going to be much help, let’s look at some alternative means of income via some pretty good side hustle ideas for seniors and people on social security and some apps to earn you some extra cash by doing odd jobs. You set your rates, then clients pay you through the platform. Now, a good place to start would be these apps that let you get odd jobs. You just set your rate and let people come to you. First, there’s TaskRabbit. Another recommended app is Fiver. This is more for odd jobs in creative fields such as graphics and audio, as well as programming, tech and digital marketing. Editing, logo design, social media management, app development and virtual assisting are some common gigs Fiverr workers offer clients. Upwork connects businesses with independent professionals and agencies around the globe. Where companies and freelancers work together in new ways. For caregiving, you can try out The types of caregiving work you can find on

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