How To Start a Cleaning Business | Step By Step Guide 2021

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Setting a Budget 0:55
Residential Vs. Commercial
Insurance Requirements
Employees / how much to pay

Choosing Your Business Structure 3:09
-Sole proprietorship vs LLC
-Set up an LLC: Either through your state website or through

Taxes 5:04
-Tax difference in entity types
-Get an accountant. How to find a good CPA
-Try to find professionals who have done what you’re doing

Naming Your Business 4:37
-Choosing an interesting name
-Good names may draw more customers
-How to brainstorm a good name using deep work
-Your identity is tied to your business name
-Choosing a logo. use this link for 20% off: for cheap logo creation

Franchise or Not? 9:00
-How entrepreneurial are you?
-Do you want systems and processes set up for you?
-What level of control do you want in your business
-Do you need a support system?
-What are your long term goals?

Organizing Your Finances 10:41
-Getting a business bank account. I personally use Chase and Wells Fargo
-Where to get an EIN:

-Important to separate your personal and business bank accounts
-Business credit cards I use:
Chase Ink:
Earn 80,00 bonus points with Chase Ink Business Preferred. I can be rewarded, learn more.

Apply for an American Express Card with this link. We can both get rewarded if you’re approved!
-Credit Card Processor I use:

Insurance For Cleaning Business 12:28
-Insurance broker I use: email
-Residential bond and basic liability insurance
-What is a bond?
-Commercial cleaning insurance requirements
-Janitorial surety bonds
-To find out the insurance requirements for your state go to:

Insurance For Employees 13:54
-Worker’s compensation – what is it and why do you need it

Supplies For Cleaning Business 14:45
-I recommend purchasing few, but high quality items:
Cleaning uniform or apron
Window cleaner
Paper towels
Scrubbing brushes
Sponges and scourers.
Yellow dusters/microfibre cloths.
Glass polishing cloths.
A mop
A dustpan and brush
A plastic caddy to carry the essentials

– Start small then expand to new services

Rates and Your Business Model For Cleaning Business 16:36
-Should I charge hourly or flat rate for my cleaning business?
-Hourly ranges
-Bumping up price for time time or move out cleaning
-Commercial cleaning rates charging hourly vs by sqft.
-Range of commercial prices depending on size of space
-Net 30 or Net 60 for commercial cleaning
-Determining rates by calling competitors
-Customer service gems/giving gifts

Marketing 21:45
-Offline marketing for your cleaning business
1. Building connections with people who can refer your business
2. Marketing through offering an amazing service
3. Flyering for your cleaning business
4. Sandwich sign
5. Vehicle stickers, wraps, or magnets
Online Marketing
1. Content marketing through cleaning articles and videos
build your website with Weebly:
get a domain with Name Cheap:
2. Online ads do’s and dont’s
always invert and think what the customer is searching for

Referrals 27:57
-When and how to ask for referrals for your cleaning business
-Offering an incentive
-Thinking about lifetime value

Finding the Right Customers for Your Cleaning Business 29:21
-Which customers you should keep

Employees for Your Cleaning Business 30:36
-Spend the time upfront in hiring
-Finding employees in person
-Employees on Craigslist and Indeed
-Disqualify people
-Forms needed to hire an employee

How Much Can a Cleaning Company Make? 35:09
-Yearly expectations
-1 million a year

Camera I Use:
Lighting I Use:
Shotgun Mic I Use:
Lavalier Lapel Mic I Use:
Camera Bag I Use:

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