How to Start a $62,000 per Month Cleaning Business from Scratch (Pt. 1)

How profitable is a cleaning service business—and how do you know if it’s the right business for you? We set out to answer those questions in today’s interview with Austin Miller, owner of the cleaning business start up Spruse Clean.

Austin started Spruse Clean to make extra income while he was out of work. Less than 3 years later, it’s grown into a $750K/year cleaning company, with a client list that includes CEOs and professional athletes.

In that time Spruse Clean has grown in scope as well as revenue, with locations in 2 states and plans to launch a line of eco-friendly cleaning products in the near future.

If you’ve ever wondered how to start a cleaning business, you’ll want to watch this video. We’ll find out how much it cost Austin to get started, how he maintains steady revenue growth, and the secret behind building an impressive client list in such a short timespan.

One key to Spruse Clean’s success is the quality of their service. They’ve broken records on Yelp! for their number of positive reviews in a quick time span. We’ll find out how Austin keeps his customers happy, and how that positive feedback has helped grow his business.

He’ll also share the biggest challenges of running a cleaning service business and his advice for entrepreneurs starting cleaning companies of their own.

Anyone who wants to start a cleaning business needs to watch this video. If you want to know more about Spruse Clean, you can visit them online at

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0:00 Intro
1:33 About Austin and Spruse Clean
2:26 Initial Budget
3:27 Revenue & Growth Secrets
4:38 Client Base & Secret Formula
6:10 Deciding the Pricing
6:50 Profit Margins
7:26 Marketing & Acquiring Customers
8:40 Business Expenses
9:29 A Good Day at Spruce Clean ($$ wise)
9:57 What If You Increase Marketing Budget?
10:50 How to Start a Cleaning Business with $200
11:27 Outro

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