KleanMia, a New Concept in House Cleaning! We’re Changing the Image of the Cleaning Industry “Cleaning with Class” we offer a convenient & Seamless Online experience. Committed to bring you the best, fast, reliable service at a price you can afford, backed by our 100% Quality Service Guarantee. NO questions asked!

KleanMia is Miami’s Best House Cleaning & Airbnb Services. Our Reliable and Professional VIP cleaners are trained to the highest ARCSI industry standards. All our Techs have been vetted, checked for accuracy, authenticity, and reliability. They are professionals, trustworthy, held accountable daily, and trained with the highest ARCSI industry standards. Proud VIP Technicians eager to bring you Peace-of-Mind at a price you can Afford. Trusted, Consistent and Reliable cleaners trained not to stop until your Home is pristine clean the KleanMia way.

From busy families to busy professionals in Miami-Dade, KleanMia works to provide an easy and pleasant experience that keeps them coming back as Repeat Customers. We clean 7 days a week including Sundays… And you can call us at (305) 391-47174 Monday through Saturday, 7 am to 7 pm.

For your Peace-of-Mind, we use Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products all natural and Family Safe made with Food-Grade & Plant-based ingredients. Our Vacuum Cleaners deep clean with anti-Allergen Seal technology and HEPA filters to trap Dust and Allergens. Plus, a $1,000,000 Insurance policy to keep your Home and Belongings Protected. You have nothing to fear with our 100% Customer Service Guarantee, No Questions Asked!

As our thanks to those brave service men and women in the front lines caring for the rest of us, KleanMia gives 1 to 2 FREE House Cleanings each week. It is with great satisfaction that we extend this program to all first responders; medical technician & emergency medical personnel, law enforcement officer, firefighters, and paramedic, employed by state or local government. Plus, we also extend the program to those individuals who have recently suffered from the Covid-19 virus. Please get in touch with us to see if you qualify for a FREE clean, by calling our offices at (305) 391-4714.

We also have a “Circle of Influence Referral Program” That’s right, we give our customers a $50 dollar Credit with NO strings attached, to use whichever way they want when they spread the word and recommend KleanMia to their circle of influence… and their friend or family member receives a $30 Coupon to use or give away but, with NO other discount or Offer.

Last and quite important to our family, is to know that KleanMia also supports Animal Rights, and doesn’t approve the unethical use of Animals for testing.

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