How This Cleaning Business Makes $90K/Month

You don’t need to start a business from scratch to own a cleaning company. Martin Skarra bought a cleaning business in 2021 and has already increased its revenue by 60%. He’s sharing his growth secrets in this interview.

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The company Martin now owns started as Mercer Island Window Cleaners in 2008. Martin rebranded it into Seattle Window Cleaning when he acquired it, along with updating the logo and website, adding staff, revising the systems and processes, and leveling up their tech stack. These changes had an immediate impact on revenue, and today Seattle Window Cleaners brings in $90K/Month in revenue.

Today, Martin is sharing his secrets for how he turned his cleaning business start up acquisition into a thriving company with big revenue potential. We’ll find out how he identified the issues with his new business that needed to be fixed as well as his process for making those changes. He’ll also share how he identified which business upgrades would add the most value for customers, and how he conveyed them to his staff to get the whole team on board.

For those thinking about buying a business, Martin will share why he decided on that route instead of starting one from scratch, how much he invested to kickstart the business’ growth, and how he developed new systems to improve the workflow and increase profits. And if you’re curious how to start a cleaning business, these insights will help you avoid common mistakes and set up your company to thrive from the start.

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0:00 Intro
1:06 How To Get Into the Cleaning Business
2:08 Let’s Talk Numbers
2:34 Key To Attracting Customers
4:00 Keeping Good Employee Structure
5:20 Let’s Take a Look at Clients
6:17 Advice to Fellow Entrepreneurs
8:25 More Profitable Services To Offer
9:45 Systems and Processes
12:34 The PERFECT Customer Experience
13:42 How To Rebrand Smoothly
15:33 The Benefits of Buying a Business
16:28 Generating Customers During the Slow Season
17:56 Blitz Time with Martin!
18:41 Where to Find the Best ROI
19:22 The Must-Have Equipment to Start
20:53 A Deep Dive into the Tools
22:39 Keys to Building a Reliable Team
24:00 You Cannot Operate Without THIS
25:03 Tips on Building Brand Awareness
26:32 Spotting Cracks in the System
27:29 How To Scale Your Business
28:03 Why You Should Buy a Business
29:01 Key Tools to Use
30:25 How Martin Continued To Grow
31:33 How To Start TODAY
32:13 Tricks To Maintaining Quality
34:38 Advice to Other Cleaning Businesses
35:55 #1 Factor to Revenue Growth

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