How CEO Of (OlentangyMaids ) Keith Troyer Build A House Cleaning Services In Columbus How CEO Of

How CEO Of (Olentangymaids ) Keith Troyer Build A House Cleaning Services In Columbus, Ohio.
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Our guest for today’s interview is Mr. Keith Troyer, a business owner of a leading local house cleaning service called Olentangymaids, located in Columbus, Ohio.

His cleaning services have all the necessary skills and expertise to make your house shine & sparkle.

Being one of the best cleaning companies in and around Columbus, Ohio, they also serve at several other locations, such as Westerville, Dublin, Upper Arlington, Worthington, Hilliard, and surrounding areas.

“they carefully handpick the maids by performing a strict vetting procedure that includes comprehensive in-person interviews, background checks, skilled & experienced, friendly and meticulous.”

“Rest assured that all their cleanliness pros are pleasant individuals with years of experience in the field. They are helping many homes and communities”.

We’ll learn more about how his house cleaning business is helping and serving our communities.
He shares his house cleaning service business journey with us. How it all started, how long he’s been in the cleaning niche business in Columbus.

His advice for anyone who wants to start the same business he’s in. So get your cup of coffee or tea and enjoy the interview. Enjoy!


00:00 intro
00:15 About
01:26 how did you start your business?
05:20 how did you come up with the name for the company?
06:39 what made you to decide to become a business owner?
10:16 What was your mission at the start of your company?
12:00 How many employees do you company have currently?
13:31 How do can you describe your company culture?
15: 43 what services or product do you offer your client
17:39 what is unique about your company?
20:05 what made you choose your company location?
21:53 what is the company’s long term goals?
22:55 what made you to choose this industry to go in?
23:32 do your business give back to the community?
24:51 do you have any promotions for first-time clients or customers?
25:38 Anything advice?
27:17 where can people find you
27:56 anything else you want to add?
33:48 outro

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Watch the exclusive interview with CEO of Olentangymaids.
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