Her First Commercial Cleaning Client! MDCB #6

How to get your first commercial cleaning client

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Stacey landed her first commercial cleaning business client and loves the change of pace so far. There are a few things that help when soliciting commercial clients.

Be Professional – While bidding out a commercial account make sure everything you do is neat and professional. Businesses won’t hire sloppy businesses. If you’re going on a big make sure to dress nicely, leave a business card, and submit a written estimate.

Bidding – Many business cleaning clients will require a written bid. This was the case for Stacey an she ended up using a free invoice site to make a clean and professional estimate to email over.

Insurance – Many commercial cleaning clients will require you to be completely insured. I recommend getting general liability insurance right away after starting your business. This will keep you from losing jobs that require an insurance certificate.

Overall commercial clients are great because they tend to want service more often than residential clients, resulting in a much higher per customer income potential.

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All of Stacey’s Favorite Supplies and equipment:
-Shark Rotator Professional Vacuum:
-Microfiber mop: Bona is a great brand but there are also cheaper options that work just as great (these are awesome because they come with additional mop heads to switch out with once the current one is dirty)
-All purpose cleaner- Seventh generation professional: (plant derived ingredients & non toxic)
-Sprayway has the best glass cleaner & stainless steel cleaner: (use newspaper for a streak free clean)
-Pledge furniture polish:
-Microfiber cloths/dusters and ceiling fan duster:
-Razor blades/plastic scrapers:
-For carrying all products Stacey uses a five gallon bucket with A Bucket Boss tool organizer:
-Step ladder:

If you would like a video that details every step on how to start a cleaning business, check out this link:

Camera I Use:
Lighting I Use:
Shotgun Mic I Use:
Lavalier Lapel Mic I Use:

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