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Hi, I´m Aurikatariina and I clean my follower´s homes for free!
Today I show you how I cleaned on of my follower´s and her kids home! This single mom asked my help because her boyfriend had left and she was left alone with two little kids. And the home had gotten in poor condition. I helped them and cleaned their home for free!

Home makeover with satisfying results! Cleaning tips and cleaning hacks. Kitchen cleaning, sink cleaning, organizing, oven tray cleaning, laundry, bathroom and toilet cleaning transformations. Genius cleaning hacks for family homes. Most common stains with kids. Tips how to clean family home. Before and after pictures and the mom´s message to me at the end!

💗Scrub daddy

💗Scrub mommy

💗Alternative “Steel Daddy”

💗Power Paste

💗Oven cleaner


💗Floor Squeegee

💗Microfibre cloths

💗Nord Clean:

💗 List of products and tools:
💗 TikTok and Instagram:
💗 Nord Clean:

00:00 Intro & story of this home
01:26 Kitchen trashes
02:01 Kitchen sink
02:38 More trashes
02:56 Stove glass hood
03:20 Oven door & cleaning hack!
04:25 Kitchen table &trashes
05:44 Kitchen drawers
06:24 TWO fridges
07:46 Kitchen counters
08:49 Trash cans
09:57 Bathroom sink
10:40 Bathroom cabinet organizing
11:09 Shower polishing
11:34 Bathroom trashes
12:01 Bathroom floor
12:33 Dust
12:52 Living room trashes
14:31 Hard stains
15:70 Bedroom trashes
16:14 Kids bedroom collecting toys
17:01 Entry way trashes
17:30 Coke spills on the wall
18:07 Clean house tour

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