Expanding Your Commercial Cleaning Services featuring Mike

Thinking about selling Commercial Cleaning Services in Multiple Locations?

Today your dashingly handsome host, Mike Campion, talks expanding commercial cleaning services to other locations with Mike Ofrias, owner of Suffolk Cleaning.

Our guest wants to know how to expand his business into other states without sacrificing his current business.

He has systems and a basic understanding of what he needs to do but is looking for a step by step walk through to help him expand as smoothly as possible.

Mike Campion starts with first things first. It’s pretty common for owners of commercial cleaning companies to just want to grow for the sake of growing and see multi state commercial cleaning services as an exciting way to do that.

Although that can be the case, it is crucial to be crystal clear on your on one very important thing, listen in to find out what it is.

Before Mike pulls out the big guns on how to transition to offering commercial cleaning services in multiple states, he offers a warning.

This one is a writer-downer, so don’t miss out!

As you and your business grow, you will find yourself with more and more opportunities. Your job as owner is to determine which of the opportunities you are going to pursue. It’s easy when you have few opportunities and they aren’t very good. It gets hard when you have to decide between lots of really good opportunities.

Tune into this episode to find out what that really means for you.

Later, Mike breaks down the 3 major parts to your business that need to be duplicated in additional locations and what parts can be performed from your “home office”.

Once you understand what parts of your business need to be local and what can be done from the home office, it is time to look at your business and decide what is already working, is scalable and can be exported immediately.

Finally Mike covers how to discover what is and isn’t working in your business and how to use that information to set yourself up for success.

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