Commercial Cleaning Contracts featuring Emmanuel Gonzales

In today’s episode Mike coaches cleaning company newbie Emmanuel Gonzales on how to write his commercial cleaning contracts.

First Mike gives Emmanuel some veteran business owner advice; It’s never going to be perfect right out of the shoot.

BONUS TIP: Business is always a mess. Jump in and start making mistakes! Fail faster.

Before you get your first account you are going to want to have a boilerplate contract where you just fill in certain pieces.

A contract should be 85% the same but you fill in their name and specifics about the services you are going to provide.

Mike then gives Emmanuel some great resources on where to find contract templates. Listen in to hear where.

He then stresses the importance of having a good relationship with your supply vendor. They can provide you with so much more than cleaning solvents and mops.

Have a relationship with your vendors. Don’t go to costco, or your basement, go to a vendor that you know like and trust and go to them for everything. Build that relationship. Those vendors want you to be successful.

Also use the facebook group! Get help and advice from other cleaning company owners nationally!

Mike cautions to do as little legalese as possible. Try to have your contract written in 5th grade language as much as possible. Have a lawyer look it over and make sure you have everything covered.

But your contract should be used as a sales tool.Be ok with having fun things in your contracts. Contracts scare people, try to make it as simple and fun as possible.

Try to use it as a fun way to express your core values and share what you are all about.
Short and sweet, little to no legalese, make it part of a solid bid package.

Listen in to hear what other things you should be including with your contract to make it a solid bid packet.

Ultimately, keep it short and sweet, have an attorney look at it, go to the ISSA or a trusted vendor for a template, have it part of a comprehensive bid package as a sales tool.

Lightning round
Either be a business owner or a cleaner
Don’t be lazy, get things done now!
Take a step back and try to look at problems from different angles

Until next time cleaning nation, keep dreaming, growing, learning and most importantly LOVE what you do.

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