Cleaning Tips and Secrets from Real, Professional Maids

These cleaning tips come straight from the professional house cleaners themselves! These are highly trained, professionals who clean hundreds of homes a year. More specifically, the cleaning ladies of award-winning Dallas Maids so you know they know their stuff.

We held a cleaning tip contest having the ladies of Dallas Maids submit three of their best housekeeping advice with the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winning cash — we all love cash! This video comprises the best results of the tips submitted in our cleaning tip contest.

House Cleaning Tip #1: Start high and dry
House Cleaning Tip #2: Soak, don’t scrub
House Cleaning Tip #3: Prioritize
House Cleaning Tip #4: Keep your head in the game

Our favorite quote from the video: “Be where you are, do what you’re ding and smile!”

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Dallas Maids ( is an award-winning house cleaning business that provides peace and adds happiness to its clients’ lives by removing the tedious chore of house cleaning so they may have more valuable time with family, friends, and themselves! Our headquarters is located in Dallas, Texas. We have been providing the best maid service in Dallas since 2004.

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