Cleaning the DIRTIEST home ever! Back to ✨NEW✨

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Hi I’m Aurikatariina and I deep clean my followers homes for free! 💗 This time I cleaned James’s apartment. He had a mental illness and he was struggling in his life. He couldn’t take care of his home anymore but that’s okay. There was A LOT of cans! Just wait for this super satisfying transformation! Cleaning is fun and easy! We helped this man for free with my friend Riikka.
Bathroom cleaning, kitchen cleaning, sink Washing, shower washing, satisfying results, before and after pictures!

💗Scrub daddy

💗Scrub mommy

💗Alternative “Steel Daddy”

💗Power Paste

💗Oven cleaner


💗Floor Squeegee

💗Microfibre cloths

💗Nord Clean:


00:00 intro
00:57 coming up
01:07 collecting bottles from the bathroom
02:03 washing the washing machine
02:19 super dirty sink
03:41 toilet cleaning magic
03:45 shower washing
05:56 bathroom cabinet organization
06:44 bathroom floor washing
07:23 collecting more trashes and bottles
08:19 washing kitchen counters
09:02 cleaning the stove
09:58 dirty kitchen sink washing
11:59 cleaning and washing the fridge
13:26 washing oven knobs
14:02 super stained oven glass
14:42 glass stove hood
15:18 washing the microwave
15:45 washing more counters
16:19 washing stained walls
17:10 even more Bottle collecting
18:21 trip to the supermarket
19:13 cleaning the work station
19:49 dusting
21:55 surprise under the bed
22:38 washing the night stand
23:37 before and after pictures

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