Best Online Booking Software for Cleaning Companies in 2022

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Hey cleaners! Trying to figure out which online booking software or “service software” to use for your cleaning company this year?

Stay tuned because we have an exciting platform to share with you!

14 Day Free Trial (You’re going to love this software)!

As the owner of a cleaning business, it’s imperative that you choose an online booking software that works for you and your team.

There are some decent service software tools on the market for cleaning companies but most of them fall short in some way or another.

In this video, we’re going to cover BookingKoala and show you their automatic online booking features that were actually designed specifically for cleaning companies.

One of the most amazing features with this online booking software is the ability to provide your customers with a way to get instant online quotes and even book and pay right on your website!

14 Day Free Trial for BookingKoala

In addition to automated online booking and scheduling, BookingKoala empowers your cleaning teams with the details they need for each job which is all housed on a user-friendly mobile app.

We are huge BookingKoala fans which is why we’re bringing this new software tool to as many people as possible.

Forget about other platform like Launch27, Housecall Pro, Jobber, and other service softwares that cost way more money and offer way less features than BookingKoala!

I know..

It’s kind of a “no-brainer” decision since BookingKoala is more affordable than other options while bringing more insane value than any of them combined.

There’s only one downside…

BookingKoala can be extremely difficult to set up on your own.

We’ve got a solution!

To lower the barriers and to make this software available to everyone, we’ve put together a team that’ll build your BookingKoala account for you and provide you with a polished account that is ready to start making you more money!

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