Airbnb Cleaning Tips_ How to Deal With Airbnb Mess

What strategies do you implement to maintain the cleanliness of your Airbnb? Do you use a cleaning service to come in after each customer? It’s best if you can decide on your strategy as soon as possible. After all, the sooner you clean up your Airbnb listing, the sooner you can welcome your next guests.

Here are some cleaning tips, or if you prefer to seek cleaning services, read on to find out where you can find an Airbnb cleaning company in Seattle:

Simple DIY Cleaning Tips for Your Airbnb

If you own a small Airbnb rental and need to replace the bedding and towels, cleaning your space on your own may be the best option.

Make a cleaning checklist for your Airbnb to ensure you don’t forget anything while you’re there.

Remove All Trash

This may seem self-evident, but you’d be surprised how many hosts fail to notice it. To eliminate smells, remove garbage from trash cans in the kitchen, bathroom, and bedrooms (and anywhere else there is a trash can).

Make Sure the Fridge Is Clean

Although it is necessary to clean the kitchen, many people leave out the refrigerator. Remember to clean the refrigerator after opening it and tossing out the contents. Nobody wants to go into the fridge looking for a quick snack only to find a week-old salad! Leaving tea bags in the refrigerator to reduce smells is an easy technique to make your refrigerator smell wonderful.

Cleaning your Airbnb is no simple feat, but your visitors will praise you if you do a great job. An Airbnb cleaning service in Seattle is ideal if you’re short on time.


One of the essential steps in cleaning your Airbnb rental is to open the windows. By doing this, it will eliminate any lingering odors from previous guests. Regular ventilation in your flat will aid in the removal of germs and the maintenance of excellent air quality.

What Should You Do If Your Airbnb Visitors Have Left A Mess?

You can ask the visitor for a cash penalty if they leave behind a mess. Write a review on your guest’s visit, the mess they left behind, and the extra time it took you to clean up. Keep it simple and state that you would not recommend them as a guest.

Unfortunately, the mess has been created, and someone will have to clean it up. But you can avoid this from occurring again in the future and keep the visitor from causing problems for other hosts by hiring an Airbnb cleaning company.

Did You Need to Hire an Airbnb Cleaning Company?

Take a lot of photographs if the guest severely wrecked your listing. Keep the invoice if you have to hire Airbnb cleaners in Seattle to undertake a more comprehensive cleaning. By filing a claim with the Airbnb Resolution Center, you may be eligible for compensation.

Attach your photos and an invoice demonstrating the price you paid for the extra cleaning out of pocket. The visitor will have 72 hours to react, with the option of paying, declining, or negotiating a new price.


Your Airbnb listing should be simple to maintain as long as you clean it regularly. If you know you won’t be able to do all of the cleaning yourself, contact a professional cleaning company and give them specific instructions for your Airbnb rental.

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