A sad day at home…

Today, we’re saying goodbye to one of the sweet girls who we’ve welcomed into our home for about the last 9 months. This is, by far, the hardest part about being a foster family. We will miss her so dearly.

If you are at all feeling the pull to learn more about the adoptive and foster care communities, we encourage you to check out America’s Kids Belong at:

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Music credits:
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Cedarmore – TAYME YP05XUI6QTJ97ZZ7
Almost Like Falling – Quiet Lake ZDQEAMHVYTVSE4Y4
Nothing To Fear – Reveille 2HS0FLR9YWH1HQ6V
Never Be The Same – Joshua Nichols HWABMUTFDDSGFOAU
Hand In Hand – Reveille HVOF08FUDOSK3UYY
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Better Than I Was Yesterday – Anthony Catacoli FPMIUXKHOH6NWRAG
Further – Lone Canyon KPV0AR06ZNKGEAMX
Moving Forward – Anthony Catacoli VKJ82MYUZKEPVB9F

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