#79 The Massive Potential of Trash Bin Cleaning Services Ft. Victoria Conway

In this episode, we have a special guest, Victoria Conway, podcast host for Trash Chatter and Sales Associate of Sparkling Bins, a family business that provides trash bin sanitizing services. Victoria discusses the trash bin cleaning industry, how it has evolved, and how commercial and residential cleaning companies can benefit from offering trash bin and dumpster cleaning services.

Commercial and residential cleaning companies can differentiate themselves from the competition and generate additional revenue by offering bin-cleaning services. Victoria explains how to get started with adding this service to your janitorial business. Victoria also discusses how the trash bin cleaning industry operates, including sales, marketing, operations, and contract setups.

If you own a cleaning company and want to expand your services and increase your revenue, you should listen to this podcast and consider adding a trash bin cleaning service to your offering. It can be a profitable and sustainable service that benefits both your clients and the environment if you work with the right partner.

In this Profitable Cleaner Podcast, you will learn:

➡ What the trash bin cleaning industry looks like today and how it has evolved.
➡ How commercial and residential cleaning companies can benefit from the trash bin and dumpster cleaning.
➡ How to take the first step to add on a bin cleaning service for your janitorial company
➡ The misconceptions people have about the trash bin cleaning industry and about labor-based businesses.
➡ Insight about how the trash bin cleaning industry works: sales strategies, marketing strategies, operations strategies, and contract setups.

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