#72 Expansion & Growth Strategies for Your Commercial Cleaning Company Ft. Edwin Eaton

Today we had the pleasure of sitting down with Edwin Eaton, who has 10 years of experience in the Cleaning Industry and Founder of iPro Building Services. In this episode, we talk about Edwin’s cleaning company’s expansion process, the challenges he faced along the way, and why hiring the right people is a critical part of the janitorial process.

Edwin shared with us the strategies he implemented to grow his commercial cleaning company and how he managed to have success all along the way. Also, he discusses his experience in hiring and training new employees, as well as the importance of providing the right equipment to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction.

In this Profitable Cleaner Podcast, you will learn:

– How to expand your Commercial Cleaning Company and how to know when is the right time to scale it.
– The importance of hiring support staff and how to attract the right employees when growing your Cleaning Company.
– Why it’s important to have company culture and how it can influence your salesforce.
– Strategies to get new janitorial leads and sales opportunities.

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