52 minutes of full deep house cleaning plus disinfecting.Housekeeping Maid Service near me

You can see everything in this video. Long 52 minutes of full deep house cleaning plus disinfecting services. This is called deep cleaning from top to bottom.
This house has 4 bedrooms ( kid room, bother in law room, mother in law room, master bedroom where two kids have beds too)
Two bathrooms. Juan Carlos started cleaning the guess bathroom while Carlos was cleaning the brother in law bedroom starting vacumming all the wood blinds, ceiling fans and then furniture, tv, nigh stand, door frames, baseboards. Carlos fix the bed, dust all surface and vacuum carpets.
Then Carlos tidy up or organize a little the kid’s room. We start from the top of the shoes in closet, blinds, dusting all hero’s toys, tv, move the dresser and remove big pieces of trash and we found put a pizza crust behind the furniture. Carlos even move the tops from the baseboards, dust all surface, vacuum carpets.
Move around the house and clean the front entry follow with the laundry, then he started cleaning the mother in law room. The same procedure, dusting wood blinds, clean the window seal and edges, cleaning the window with our mirafiber cloth, dusting and vacuuming with our commercial Hepa backpack vacuum the ceiling fan, move a little the bedhead frame and dusting the back with the swifter, change the linens in that bedroom, dust the dresser, clean the door frame, clean the tv, clean and dust the other dresser full of make-up, dust the closet door. Vacuum the floor and vacuum under the bed.
In the meanwhile, Hilda was in charge of the kitchen. The client requested to clean inside the oven and under it. Hilda clean all the surface, the wood cabinets, top of refrigerator and behind the refrigerator. Re-organize the kitchen counter and leave it as much as she can clear. Put away all the dishes from the dishwasher, clean the outside the dishwasher and the refrigerator with the stainless steal cleaner.
Juan Carlos as soon as he finished with the guess bathroom, he went to the master bathroom and started to put the cleaning agent inside the grout lines and tiles on the shower, so the product will have the proper dwell time while he was flushing the toilet and put some disinfectant. Then he start moving all the make-up and de-cluter the vanity counter and cleaning the top ligh fixtures, vents, mirros, sink etc. He worked by sections moving around and started from top to bottom . Then the wood blinds on top of the tub, the clean and disinfect the toilet, clean the baseboards, ligh fixture, door handles etc.
After whe finished that, he went back to the main shower to scrub the tile and grout with the nylon brush handle, clean the glass, rinse the walls and clean the floor.

As soon as Carlos and Hilda finished, they were cleaning the living area, the ladder living room sofa with a new mirafiber cloth. As soon as Juan Carlos finished with vacumming the bathroom floor and moping with our neutral disinfectant cleaner, he starting dusting the master room wood blinds, dusting all furniture, dresser, tc, baseboards, and so on.
Finished with the vacuum on the master room carpet. So until now, all the bathrooms and rooms where finished.
Now the living area and dinning area. Juan Carlos were dusting the family photo frames under the living room tv while Carlos and Hilda were finished dusting the other area in dinning and living area. Then the final vacuum of the tile floors.
Carlos was preparing our Victory Innovation electrostatic with the EPA Vital Oxide disinfecting and start disinfecting all the areas previously clean from tp to bottom.
When we finished disinfecting all the areas, high touch surfaces, door handles, tv controls, bed, kids toys and so on. The final step was mopping with our neutral disinfectant cleaner all the tile floor.
The client was happy and grateful for our services. She even brought us some pizza and wings.

If you want to know more about our cleaning and disinfecting services, or have any question, please call us at 407-572-4118
We serve Champions Gate, Davenport, Orlando, and surroundings areas.
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