5 Ways To Get Commercial Cleaning Clients

In this video, I take you through the 5 main marketing channels we use to acquire new commercial cleaning clients in my cleaning business.

To begin with, we need to realise there’s a big difference marketing for commercial clients versus residential clients.

The main one is that the sales cycle is a lot longer.

Usually your potential clients will already have a cleaning company in place – often under an annual contract.

So with commercial client marketing, there is more focus on how we grow our network of potential clients, and the relationships within the network.

We need to be front of mind when a contract comes up for renewal.

We need to build our brand so that a potential client thinks of us when they’re considering a new cleaning company.

Consistency is key.

We need to be constantly outreaching to new potential clients.

The work we do today will pay off further down the line.

Many people don’t get there.

So keep consistent, be patient and ideally work on ALL of these marketing channels every day of the week.


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