Hi, I´m Aurikatariina and I clean my follower´s homes for free!
Scrub Daddy sponsored me so I could go to help one of my followers in Switzerland. They sponsored me and my boyfriend plain tickets and hotels, so a BIG thank you for them! On this video I show you how I cleaned a super filthy home. A long edit! This young girl asked for my help because she had depression and financial problems. The cleaning would have cost her 15 000 dollars, but I did it for free! I helped her and cleaned her home with my boyfriend Sami! Home makeover with satisfying results! Cleaning tips and hacks. Kitchen cleaning, sink cleaning, stove cleaning, Livingroom cleaning, cleaning transformations. Before and after!

💗Scrub daddy

💗Scrub mommy

💗Alternative “Steel Daddy”

💗Power Paste

💗Oven cleaner


💗Floor Squeegee

💗Microfibre cloths

💗Nord Clean:

💗Scrub Daddy:
💗Nord Clean:
💗 List of products and tools:
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0:00 start
0:45 my follower´s story
2:01 kitchen counter trash!
3:00 kitchen sink
4:56 cleaning the counter
5:45 more trash!
6:30 kitchen drawer full of trash
6:51 stove cleaning
8:05 washing walls
8:55 how to clean a super dirty oven tray
11:02 kitchen cabinet
12:20 why do I use oven cleaner so often?
14:54 more spiders!
15:32 oven glass door
16:17 my fav cleaning tools!
16:56 kitchen faucet
18:34 spider web!
18:48 washing the floor
19:15 why don’t I use a vacuum cleaner?
19:51 living room
20:24 collecting all the trashes!!
20:45 clothes on the floor
21:29 a huge trash pile!
22:09 super dirty floor SATISFYING!!
23:17 window sill
23:53 I love cleaning!
25:41 living room floor
25:56 why did I start to do cleaning videos?
27:11 white living room table
28:10 gifts for the house owner

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