Innovating Hospitality: The Story of iGMS and the Future of Property Management w/ Igor Kostin EP58

Join us in this very special episode as we talk with Igor Kostin, the co-founder and CTO of one of the most well-known property management systems, iGMS!

iGMS is an all-in-one vacation rental software for professional hosts. It helps you raise occupancy rates as it automates most everyday management activities on your property.

This was a really fun conversation because not only did we talk about iGMS in general, but we also talked about Igor’s life background, his experiences moving to Canada and adapting to the Canadian culture, the story of how iGMS was founded, how it originally started and how it morphed into the awesome PMS it is now (this is a really cool story, don’t miss this one), where iGMS is headed in 2023 and the years to come, the future and possible integrations of modern technologies such as blockchain, machine learning, and AI (especially ChatGPT) into the hospitality business, and the importance of marketing and being customer-centric. I’m super excited for all of you guys to listen to this episode, so as always, take a listen, grab your notes, and take action!

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