IHP's 30 Products That Make Housekeeping & Hygiene So Much Easier | Get Distributorship

Cleaning, Hygiene and housekeeping products are required in everyday life. Like any other FMCG products these products move very fast amongst consumers. So the business of these house keeping products is very remunerative and rewarding. In this video, I am showing how one can become distributor or super stockist of the FMCG cleaning products, housekeeping products and hygiene products.

I have discussed a wide range of subjects including products range, amount required for investment and profit margins with Ishan Jain, owner of Ishan Hygiene Products. Watch this video at if you are interested in knowing ‘how to become distributor’ and ‘how to become super stockist’ of toilet cleaner, glass cleaner, floor cleaner, dish wash, white phenyl, room freshener, washroom cleaner, tap and telc cleaner, concentrates, hand rub and hand sanitisers with 70 per cent alcohol, hand washes, air fresheners.

Contact details of IHP:
Shop No. – 13, Ramswarup Market,
Naharpur Wholesale Market,
Sector -7 (Near PNB), Rohini,
Delhi- 110085
mobile: +91- 97181 99699,
99110 43960

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