How To Start A 6-Figure Cleaning Business

Do you want to know how to start a cleaning business—and grow it to a revenue of more than $700K a year? We have the answers in this interview.

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Brock Parnell was only 19 years old when he started South Sound Janitorial in 2013, and he already had 4 years of experience in the cleaning business, working for a friend’s cleaning company as a teenager.

Brock’s business really took off once they added their first janitorial client, a chain of casinos. After bringing in $28,000 their first year, their revenue grew steadily year over year, and in 2020 Brock was able to move his cleaning company from his garage to a dedicated commercial space.

In today’s interview, we’ll find out how Brock launched his cleaning business start up and grew it to a 6-figure annual revenue. He’ll share how much it cost to get started and what equipment is a must-have for a cleaning company. We’ll also learn how he connected with his first clients, and how he markets his business today to keep building his brand.

Growing as a cleaning business can be a double-edged sword—it means more revenue, but you also need more space and a larger team. We’ll hear how Brock knew it was time to get a commercial space for South Sound Janitorial, as well as his strategy for finding and hiring new talent. Anyone who owns (or wants to start) a cleaning business will want to hear his advice!

Learn how to start and scale your own cleaning business to 7 figures –

– South Sound Janitorial’s website

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0:00 Intro
1:09 How Brock Started His Business
2:08 Systems and Processes
3:16 THIS Is How Much You Can Make
4:19 The Trick To Scaling Your Business
5:04 The Must-Haves To Get Started
6:05 Picking Out The Perfect Equipment
8:00 Paying Employees While Keeping Margins High
9:10 The Best Way To Bring in New Customers
9:50 Cleaning Services You Must Offer
11:45 Following The Cleaning Process
12:14 The Importance of Reviews
13:30 Blitz Time with Brock!
15:02 The Most Profitable Cleaning Services
15:43 Tips for Cleaning Bathrooms
16:31 How To Hire The Perfect Employee
17:19 Janitorial vs House Cleaning
18:21 The Perfect Way To Clean Mirrors
19:07 Maintaining Customer Relationships
20:01 Why An Office Space is Important
21:21 Tips and Tricks for Cleaning Toilets
23:13 Keeping Track of Customer Accounts
24:01 Window Cleaning Trick
24:40 How To Make Your Business More Efficient
25:40 Implementing Skills From Past Experiences
26:34 The RIGHT Way To Mop
28:00 The Importance of a Checklist
28:47 The Better Business Bureau Rating
29:22 The Key To Great Leadership
30:18 Maintaining a Work/Life Balance
31:20 How To Start Your Business TODAY
32:42 Planning for the Future
33:48 Entrepreneurial Hacks
34:20 Resources for Advice
34:50 Is a Mentor Required?
35:46 Learning from Mistakes
37:03 Brock’s Favorite Business Book

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