How To Hire The BEST Airbnb Cleaners for your short term rentals business

Finding great cleaners for your Airbnb business can seem like an impossible task.

Many short term rentals hosts either put up with mediocre cleaners and finish the job themselves. Or worse, they fire their cleaner and just do it themselves.

The problem is that when you’re an Airbnb host and you’re doing the cleaning, your business can’t run without you.

And when your business can’t run without you, you can’t take a vacation or get any time away without losing money.

After working with many cleaners I’ve noticed that the best ones exhibit very similar traits.

Tune in for my top 5 cleaner traits and how to hire the best Airbnb cleaning business.

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Timestamps ⏱
0:00 – 3:48 – Mediocre cleaners are a problem
3:48 – 4:35 – #5 cleaners who goes the extra mile
4:36 – 5:13 – #4 reliability
5:14 – 6:22 – #3 detail oriented
6:23 – 7:15 – #2 Trustworthiness
7:16 – 8:10 – #1 Trainability
8:11 – 10:03 – Grow your Airbnb business to make more money

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