How to Design Cleaning Quotation in MS Word | Cleaning Quote Example

In this video, you can watch How to Create a Quotation for Cleaning services in MS Word

You can also download this Quotation Template in MS Word Format from the Link Below.

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If you work for a cleaning company, or provide cleaning services yourself and want to create a cleaning quotation for one of your clients then this video can be very helpful for you. In this video, you can watch and learn how to make a beautiful and professional cleaning quote with just a few minute’s efforts.

There are basically three parts to this cleaning quotation, the first and the top part is designed with the heading of the quotation and company name, logo, address, and contact information. In the middle section, the details of the cleaning work and the cost, etc. can be explained. Required messages and terms and conditions can be entered at the bottom part of this Quotation Template.
Overall this is an awesome and nicely laid out quotation design that you can use to send quotes to your clients regarding your residential or commercial cleaning services.

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