How Professional Cleaners Disinfect COVID-19-Contaminated Areas

In the COVID-19 era, the task of cleaning and disinfecting areas takes on a crucial role.

Professional cleaners take on a frontline role against the deadly virus. Deemed an essential service in Illinois, cleaning companies are working through the state’s stay-at-home order.

The cleaners at Chicago-based Rozalado Services wear full PPE – including a jumpsuit and respirator – when they clean an office building, healthcare facility, manufacturing plant or other place where a confirmed COVID-19 case spent time.

Rozalado Services managing partner Tony Pedroza said the company’s cleaners, including himself, have reported to 13 confirmed COVID-19 sites where they perform a three-step disinfection process. Pedroza said the company has performed the service as a preventive measure at an additional 68 locations.

“We’ve gone into locations that have definitely had confirmed COVID-19 cases as recent as the person left an hour ago or the person hadn’t been there for a week,” Pedroza said.

Story and video by Evan Garcia for WTTW News

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