Doing Stand Up Comedy & Modern Day Pimps w/ Dan Caruso | Chewing Grounds #82

This weeks episode is with an old friend and fraternity brother from college, Dan Caruso. Dan is an up and coming Charlotte based stand up comic who took an alternative route after college, Listen in as we talk both of us doing stand up, poop stories, cancel culture, modern pimps and much more!

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0:45 Dan Caruso
2:02 Catholicism & Father’s Passing
7:30 Impulsiveness, ADHD, & Adderall
13:15 Poop Story
17:06 Strip Clubs
20:24 Start In Stand Up Comedy
24:54 Dan’s Shoes
27:00 Losing A Parent
29:09 Social Media
30:47 Guns
32:39 Smoke Shop Story
34:39 Origin Story, College, & Jobs
46:54 College & Frat Mems
48:49 Dan’s App State Experience
55:51 Luan Thoughts
56:28 Dan’s Sword
58:11 Plan To Help Homeless
1:08:15 Acting & Movies
1:15:21 Storytime & Society
1:21:33 Luan’s First Set
1:27:55 Dan & Luan Acting ***
1:30:23 Alway’s Sunny
1:32:38 Cancel Culture
1:34:20 OnlyFans, Pimps, & Strippers
1:41:11 Top Comics
1:45:18 Plugs


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The Chewing Grounds Podcast Is an Interview/Conversation style podcast where I take on different guests that I find have unique topics to bring to the table. Episodes release every Tuesday!

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