CRAZY CLEANER surprise GIRLS in a GYM prank ft. NOEL DEYZEL #4 | Aesthetics in Public

Elite Powerlifter Pretended to be a BEGINNER Crazy CLEANER in a GYM like a NERD with Noel Deyzel and GIRLS are SHOCKED. LEGENDARY Aesthetics Prank in the Gym wthere Nooby AESTHETICS MELTS HER HEART in Gym AGAIN. Asking GIRLS if They Like Dad Bods or Chest,Abs,Veins being an Old man. What IF Bodybuilder Aesthetics Goes in Public? (Priceless Reactions)Teen Aesthetic Bodybuilder Flexing in Gym and Girls Love it! Aesthetics gets funny reactions all the time, so Connor Murphy and Jeff Seid did that – Let’s see how guys will react on my physique!

How’s going guys 👋
I’m Vladimir, professional powerlifter and prankster from Ukraine.
Welcome aboard to my international YouTube channel where I share my positive vibe with gym bros and and you!
We’re just in the beginning of our global journey, so thank you so much for your support guys💪
Stay strong, lesssgo 🚀

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Some guys from the video:


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