Commercial Cleaning & Disinfection Expectations: How Attitudes Have Changed Post-Vaccine

A nationwide survey shows employees are even more concerned about cleaning and disinfecting in the workplace now than they were in May 2020. Despite the guidelines set for by the CDC— and the rollout of a vaccine — many employees lack confidence that their workplace is safe and clean.
The survey results tracking employee expectations from May and December 2020 show the importance of cleaning and disinfecting has only increased over time.

Key Takeaways:
• While employees’ confidence in their employer’s ability to create a safe workplace has increased, a third of employees say not enough is being done.
• Employers need to do more to demonstrate what they are doing to make employees feel comfortable in the workplace.
• Three-quarters of employees say it is important to use commercial cleaning services who are trained and certified in disinfecting.
• The impact of an available vaccine has not diminished employee expectations for cleaning and disinfecting.

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