Cleaning Business: Do This to Make $140,000/Month

What’s the secret to scale a cleaning business to 7-figure revenue? Cristobal Mondragon started Queen Bee Cleaning Services with $5,000 in 2017, and now it brings in a revenue of $140K every month.

Learn step-by-step how to start your own cleaning business with Chris:

In this interview, he’ll share how he did it, along with his advice for launching a cleaning business start up that grows quickly.

Regular UpFlip viewers are familiar with Chris and Queen Bee. Along with his experience running a successful cleaning company, Chris just partnered with UpFlip to launch a Cleaning Business Course that explains how to start a cleaning business step-by-step from start to finish. You can think of this video like a preview of the awesome information course participants will get access to.

A cleaning business is something anyone can start and have success with—as long as they have the right tools and knowledge. In this video, Chris will give us an update on how things have been going with Queen Bee since the last time we interviewed him. He’ll also share some tips on how he markets his business to attract customers, the strategies he used to grow when he first launched, and just what it takes to hit the $1 million milestone as a cleaning business.

Chris’ advice isn’t just helpful for cleaning business owners, either. Anyone who wants to start or grow a customer-oriented business will want to hear his insights! And for those who are in the cleaning industry, make sure you check out the Cleaning Business Course linked below, or watch these other interviews we’ve done with cleaning company owners:

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– Course by Chris
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0:00 Intro
0:55 How Queen Bee Cleaning Has Changed
2:14 Benefits of Growing Your Team
3:07 Tricks To Scaling a Business
4:11 The KEY To Growth
5:00 Tips on a Smooth Workflow
6:49 How To Overcome Struggles
8:21 Systems and Processes
9:17 Don’t Miss Out on This!
10:36 How To Implement New Systems
12:11 Doing This Will You Help Early On
13:03 Tips on Managing Advertising Budget
14:16 The Most Profitable Services
15:15 Why Cleaning Businesses Fail
16:14 Blitz Time with Cristobal!
18:16 Adjusting To Impacts on Growth
19:07 Inside Look on Cristobal’s Inventory
20:41 Tips on Finding Reliable Employees
22:00 Managing Customers’ Expectations
22:42 Struggles as Business Owner
23:43 Expenses To Look Out For
24:58 Lead Generation Strategies
26:10 Important Lessons Cristobal Learned
27:13 Tips on Managing a Team
28:09 Setting and Achieving Goals
30:03 Training Employees Perfectly
31:10 Giving Customers Peace of Mind
32:05 Key Strategies for Scaling
33:04 Selling a Cleaning Business

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